Here you will find answers to some popular questions.

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[accordion-item title=”What are the different types of stone available?”]

You can have a variety of colours of stone, varying from light to dark but they are catagorised into two main types. Granite, a much harder stone, made from volcanic rock formed under extreme pressure under the surface of the earth.

is longer lasting, and withstands scratches and marks to a good degree.

, Sandstones are made by sedimentation, on river beds, and large bodies of running water. Sand stones are softer, and not as hard wearing. Ideally suited for churchyards. Sandstones cannot be polished to a high grade, so can scatch or mark easily.

[accordion-item title=”What type of memorial am I allowed in a churchyard”]

This really depends on the church in question, you can find out by asking the vicar at the church, or ask us and we will find out for you.
Some churches will not accept polished black or dark coloured granites. A natural looking colour is usually preffered, ie, light grey granite, honed granite (half polished) and softer stones like nebrasina, marble, and portland stone.

[accordion-item title=”Can you make something totally unique and custom made?”]

we love a challenge, and are keen to please all of our clients. We can cut, polish, carve, and design almost anything you can think of in any type of stone. Send us an email of give us a call to discuss your requirements.

[accordion-item title=”What types of lettering can I have on my memorial?”]

As we have no middle men, and produce everything in house we are able to offer a multitude of lettering styles.
Hand Cut lettering – for a totally hand made memorial.

Cut lettering – industry standard machine cut lettering.

Flush Lead – lettering cut, and filled with lead, or lead substitute for an authentic traditional look.

Raised Lead – Lead lettering raised from the stone surface, genuine traditional lettering.

[accordion-item title=”What Colour lettering can I have?”]

You can have a variety of colours, and options for lettering here are the more popular choices:
Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Light Blue, Light Pink.
Or any other colour you would like.

[accordion-item title=”Can you put a picture, or photo on the memorial?”]

We certainly can, we have a huge selection of images available to use on any memorial. From a simple rose, to the last supper 3d carved and painted.
Ceramic Plaques
From just £95 a long lasting ceramic plaque can be added to the memorial.
We can laser etch any given image onto dark granite memorials, theyre long lasting and look fantastic, especially when expertly painted also.
We can hand or machine carve, any design, or any of our chosen designs in the brochure.